Need an additional resource for fluid or gas system design or assembly?

Swagelok Custom Solutions is a professional assembly service with a lifetime warranty.

Swagelok Helsinki also offers instrumentation expert services at the customer's own premises.

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Swagelok Custom Solutions is an assembly service for industrial gas and fluid systems that matches our component quality


Swagelok Custom Solutions is a professional assembly service that includes system design, manufacturing, testing and documentation. Swagelok® is in the forefront of developing a range of new and innovative solutions that provide customized systems with unique performance and cost effectiveness.


Swagelok Helsinki can design and implement a system or sub-assembly that is tailored to the customer’s needs. Our most common assembly jobs are gas distribution systems, sampling panels or cabinets designed in cooperation with the customer, repetitive sub-assemblies, tube bendings and relief valve opening pressure pre-settings. In our headquarters in Vantaa, we can also carry out clean room installations and orbital welding.

To talk more about your design and assembly needs, you can always contact our customer service.


Our assembly service always includes:

  •  3D design, exact specifications, manufacturing, testing and documentation of an assembly.
  •  Swagelok Custom Solution is assembled by a Swagelok certified personnel. The assembly is covered by Swagelok Limited Lifetime Warranty (see Warranty Document MS-13-123, Rev E).
  •  High quality Swagelok components, as well as the Swagelok approved third-party components.
  •  Time and budget management of the project.
  •  Completed assemblies are inspected, tested and delivered directly to the customer on time.

Ordering ready-made assemblies through us provides you with Swagelok’s unique experience, quality and cost savings in human resources, training and specialized tools.



Save time with standard and sub-assemblies

Get to know the modifiable solutions we have developed, which we can modify to suit our customers' system needs:

Swagelok® Gas Distribution Systems
Swagelok® Seal Support Systems
Swagelok® Grab Sampling Systems

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Swagelok Helsinki offers as much design support as you need

Our experts for liquid and gas systems help you in the system development process exactly at the points where you need additional resources. We can develop a completely new system for your needs or update your existing solution.

Our design services are based on close cooperation with the customer, so that we understand the challenge to be solved and are able to deliver the best solution for your application in terms of productivity, safety and functionality.

Take a look at our customer case video, in cooperation with optical fiber equipment manufacturer, Rosendahl Nextrom.


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Published 13.10.2022

Swagelok® Grab Sampling panels and technical support for sampling processes

Designed for safety, ease of use and reliable results.

Swagelok® Gas Distribution Systems

Swagelok Helsinki offers gas distribution system design, evaluation and advisery services for safer and more efficient gas distribution in customers premises.

Swagelok® Seal Support System

The Swagelok Seal Support System is based on solutions according to the API 682 (4th edition) standard, which can be customized to suit the customer's needs. Swagelok Helsinki will support you with design and assembly services.

When you need fluid or gas system expertise at your facility

Swagelok field engineer will assist. Expert services are part of our customer promise.

Teollisuuden liittimet ja liitokset


Industrial connections, from UHP fittings to high-pressure fittings that perform under extreme conditions.

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Teollisuuden venttiilit


Our valves are known for their durability and reliability even in the most demanding systems.

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Paineensäätimet ja paineen alentimet teollisuuden käyttöön

Pressure regulators

Swagelok offers a comprehensive range of products for pressure control and reduction.

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