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Swagelok Helsinki
Koivulehdontie 3a, Vantaa | +358 9 777 1110 |

Swagelok® electronic catalogue

Download the software on your computer.

Download Swagelok eDTR software to your computer to easily find the right Swagelok solution for your application

Swagelok now offers eDTR (Electronic Desktop Technical Reference) software to help you quickly and easily find the Swagelok solution for your application. Within minutes of installation, you'll be navigating through hundreds of Swagelok catalogs, technical specifications and resources right from your desktop.

eDTR is available via download for Apple iOS and Windows!

Window Installation Instructions:

1. Fill the form below to access the download link.

2. Download the zipped file.

3. Once the file is downloaded, right click the zipped folder and click extract all.

4. Open the eDTR folder and double click setup.

5. A pop-up box will appear, click Run.

6. Follow the Setup Wizard and register you eDTR software.


Start the download by filling out the form

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