Swagelok® products have been developed to minimize process and process-related material losses, emissions and energy consumption.

Our products and solutions have a Swagelok® lifetime material and manufacturing guarantee, which aims for long-term sustainable development.

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Swagelok Helsinki's operations are always value-oriented - we offer responsible liquid and gas systems for the domestic industry


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Our values - 6 core values in which our operations are based on

Swagelok® products and operations are based on strong value-based operating principles. In Swagelok Helsinki, same value-based principles are found in its corporate culture. Swagelok organizations are guided by 6 value concepts that guide key strategic decisions and in its day-to-day operations.


We strive for the highest possible quality of products and services. Through our quality policy, we strive to improve reliability, safety and cost savings.

Our goal is to provide our customers with sustainable development, environmental protection and societal growth. The quality of our products and manufacturing processes allow for a longer product life cycle, increased plant safety and less environmental impact. We strive to engage in a transparent and equal approach to our stakeholders and our community in our operations.

We value our colleagues, customers and stakeholders by striving for equality, mutual trust and respect. We are proud of our strong team spirit, which is best valued by our customers, stakeholders and community.

The needs of our customers are the basis of our business. We provide customers with professional and quality service. Our goal is to understand our customer’s needs and to act upon them. Our mission is to be the best holistic expert for the customer.

Continuous innovation in new services, products and processes, we aim to be the preferred business associate and to have a better working relationship with our customer. Our corporate management encourages new ideas from every stakeholder enabling a potential growth platform for innovation and development.

As an individual and as an organization, we develop ourselves and our professional skills so we can support our customers in the rapidly changing working environment and competitiveness for the future.

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Responsibility - Swagelok Helsinki

Responsibility has been one of Swagelok's core values since the company was founded. In 1947, Fred Lennon made a corporate promise to produce the best possible products and help his customers succeed. Swagelok has also worked closely with its community to support it for decades before responsibility became a concept in corporate culture.

Swagelok® products have been developed to optimize system performance, minimize process and process-related material losses, emissions and energy consumption. Our products and solutions have a Swagelok® lifetime material and manufacturing guarantee, which aims for long-term sustainable development. In addition to safety and reliability, Swagelok products achieve cost savings to enable economic development.


The quality of Swagelok® operations is based on its own standardized three-stage quality system Swagelok Quality System (SQS). SQS covers suppliers, manufacturing facilities and global service centers. On a product manufacturing level, quality consists of raw materials with metal contents that exceed standard values and in production facilities that enable extremely precise production processes. Our production facilities display genuine transparency from the perspective of both quality and social responsibility. The traceability of products from batches of raw materials is accessible and it is possible to obtain EN 10204 3.1 material certificates for all our products during the ordering process.

Read more about our product warranty here at Swagelok Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Our goal is to offer our customers; an environment, work and community, safe solutions supported by our international network of experts for achieving a future growth of low emissions and efficient conservation of resources. We offer products, trainings and custom solutions assemblies. We are here to support for a cleaner future for all industries and developing innovations for the environment.

Our business is based on operations towards customer-orientation. We want to know our customers and add value to their business by developing products, services and processes that meet their needs. Our delivery reliability is 97% and our credit & risk rating is Alfa rating AAA. Our company made a commitment to support domestic operators and strive to make transport arrangements in an environmentally friendly, centralized and efficient manner. Customer information security is an important part of our operations which we develop as a continuous process in all areas of business processes.

We value our staff and believe that our quality is based on integrity, trust and respect to all stakeholders. We strive for a transparent and equal attitude in all our activities towards our stakeholders and our community. We pride ourselves in our strong team spirit by delivering these values to our customers, stakeholders and community.

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Services for fluid and gas solutions

Swagelok Helsinki offers a full service journey from instrumentation system consulting to design, assembly, installation, maintenance plan and user training.

Our design and assembly service

Swagelok Custom Solutions is a professional assembly service that includes system design, manufacturing, testing and documentation.

More than 300,000 products for instrumentation needs in challenging industry solutions

Swagelok® product range covers fittings, valves, hoses and tubes, pressure regulators and measuring devices.

Teollisuuden liittimet ja liitokset


Industrial connections, from UHP fittings to high-pressure fittings that perform under extreme conditions.

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Teollisuuden venttiilit


Our valves are known for their durability and reliability even in the most demanding systems.

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Paineensäätimet ja paineen alentimet teollisuuden käyttöön

Pressure regulators

Swagelok offers a comprehensive range of products for pressure control and reduction.

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